Saturday, May 12, 2012


Well just what does all this mean, It means simply that a corporation like Pepsi and B.B.D.O. work together collusion its called. They will lie cheat and yes steal from whoever to defend themselves. Heck they will even invent things to defend themselves in this case advertisments made after commercials. If caught with your hand in the cookie jar just say it wasn.t me or blame someone else seems to work if your a corporation. The thing is they have gotten away with all this theft robbery for generations. d

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

@BBDOworldwide states this is the source of Diver 1994 aAd

Bristol Myers Squibb 1994
Ad for Ban for Men Clear. Man diving into Water .What? Where is the sky here BBDO and Pepsi? These and a couple of other images they say are the sourses for the Crystal Pepsi Clear commercials ? So where are all the images of a flyer flying into the sky so far, they were not created yet and all after the commercial was aired !! 1994.... Sorry about all the bad images is what I was given, from Pepsi Cola and B.B.D.O. Yes all these ads are made by You guessed it by BBDO.

Another source Image after Commercial

US Patent and trademark office Nove 30 1993 ? What again Pepsi and B.B.D.O. after the ad was made and after the commercial aired examples of image sources ? What?

After Commercial

Capitol ! ad 12/23/1994 advertisement in magazine ads offered as examples from their own archive. What? 1994 ad received Dec 08 1994 after commercial release of Crystal Pepsi superbowl ad Jan 1993

From @BBDOwordwide


I am inclosing examples of divers used (i) inadvertising and(ii) as trademarkesto futher impress upon you that Mr.Curries diver is not unique. Please feel free to call me after you reveiw the enclosure , "spelling errors and all" From B.B.D.O. and Pepsi Cola