Sunday, July 12, 2009

Corporations Undermining Democracy

Briefing Document The Undermining of Democracy through the Legal Political System As you know today's situation in the markets . You recognise that corporations now rule the Governments. Here is an article I wrote in the beginning of my current ongoing situation with Pepsi and B.B.D.O. It is as true today as it was then.Corporations are now becoming enabled through their money and power to exploit all resources to their advantage. Including the copyright law. While it is widely that artist work is and has been protected by this law. But actually this law is so lax that it is simply disregarded. Stealing creative work is common place. Stealing creative work is considered "Honourable" among businessmen . As Quoted By Craig Weatherup of Pepsi Cola Inc. "The stealing of ideas is one of the most honourable things you can do." (Business Week Feb 1993)In theory, Canadians have been protected form such thievery under the Bern Convention since 1886. Americans made up their own the Universal Copyright Act ,Didn't want to join the bern. As of Nafta the US joined the Bern Convention.Unfortunately while these acts and laws are meant to protect Artists, writers musicians and those involved in the creative process .What we have today are big players who are able through their resources and power to sway governments to their point of views of what is right and wrong , as well what is ok to steal. Democracy itself has or could be undermined by such actions that ignore the people instead follow the dictates of the more powerful and wealthy corporations.1994

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