Saturday, February 13, 2010

Order Of Events

Lawrence Currie Vs Pepsi Cola & B.B.D.O
Lawrence Vs Goliath

1)Repeatedly informed of the presence in commercials on tv a copy of my original painting in pepsi advertisement.
2)Seen Commercials myself, Image used in commercials is a direct copy of my work created even to the angle and colour of the swim trunks the same.
3)Contacted Canada Council in Ottawa to verify piece as to Canadian originality and copyright rights.
4)Contacted C.A.R.F.A.C Canadian Artist representative Greg Graham . To verify rights ect. Suggested contact with the infringer as well send them a contract.
5)Contacted Pepsi Cola Canada in Toronto,Asked about origin of artwork used in the commercial made appointment Feb 8 1993
6)Feb 27 1993 Appointment with Ian Tetro then head of marketing Pepsi Cola Canada,Told video made in the USA this is an international issue you must deal with them.
7) Contacted Judy Simon legal at Pepsi Cola USA Contract sent out as well photo print of my original painting -700 Anderson Rd Purchase NY 10577 .registered letter.
8) Mar 13 1993 Response by JUdy Somon agreed to the artworks simularity apologises Blames ad agency the creators of the videos.
9) Contacted B.B.D.O 437 Madison Avenue Ny 10019 ,Skip Mcgovern (under discoverylearn his real name is Raymond E Mcgovern states that Pepsi is totally responsible as the y Oked the commercial asked for copies of the commercial Mar 1993
10)repeatedly asked for commercials of both parties involved dates who made these commercials.
11)Sent a variety of letters and phone contacts to both parties to no avail Please send me copies of these video commercial Contacted Judy again says she will direct the ad agency to release the commercials Nothing happened .Contacted B.B.D.O Skip claimes they used a ban rollon comercial as there inspiration for the commercial and a wilson sports advertisement both holdings of the ad agency these ads were created by them and created after the Crystal Commercials. Sip says "You want us to send you a video so you can sue us?" Yes I Do in response" Skip hangs up.
12)Jan 11 1994 Still have no videos Contacted Canadian Regional Television Communication C.R.T.C Hull Quebec asked about information about Pepsi crystal clear
told they were removed from files then asked the amount of times on tv nationally 12 times per hour.It would be the same abroad.
13)Jan 13 1994 again contacted Pepsi and B.B.D.O recived copy of video tapes a studio copy 3/4 inch tape Made appointment with the local college to change this format from 3/4 to a VhS type Product immediatly pulled from the shelves as well commercials.
You see these large international Companies use tactics like sophystry and delay to their advantage.

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