Tuesday, June 26, 2012


cc:C Donovan P.Dusenberry C.Meismer B.Naughten L.Peaslee T.Sann R.Zwak J.Lin Just thought would be good to give information about the production producers ect from the Desktop of (alias Skip) Raymond E McGovern B.B.D.O. Client Pepsi Cola Company Crystal Pepsi Pepsi Clear Commercials Right Now-Brand, Right Now-Diet Crystal,Right now teaser,three commercials two 30 sec one 15 second teaser. Producer Hyattt Choate Asst.Producer: Creative Gwenn Aldridge, Gary Johnson ACD. Prod.Co/dir bid: Gibson Lefebvre Gartner Jesse Dylan Dir. Epoch Films Jeff Preiss,Dir. RSA/USA Jim Sonzero. Dir. Bomb Factory Mark Fenski.dir. Edit co/Editor: Crew Cuts Clayton Hemmert ,Editor. Just to keep interested parties informed. Skip MCgovern B.B.D.O. New York. Memo to Karl Fischer from Maria Raffa,office 6-SW Business Affairs Department Bidding Information 9/30/92 cc: C.Donovan, P.Dusenberry,C.Melsmer,B.Naughton,L.Peaslee,T.Swan,R.Zwack,J.Lin Oh my goodness is this a memo From Maria Raffa Business Affairs Department Just thought to add that after all copyright is a negative right according to Pepsi Cola, B.B.D.O. Complain take the video down ?

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