Saturday, October 20, 2012

Weird or What

I find it interesting that one can post scathing things about these corporations, BBDO and Pepsi Cola,conspiritors,thieves,and liars. Corporations have personhood by law the same rights as a person. I don't understand. Hey Lawyers ever hear of harassment yup I'm harassing you. Oh yeah I already have a letter please don't contact us, contact them, This makes me look bad like I'm a bully a harasser and crazy person. Yup I'm harrassing you and have a crazy hobby,YOU. After all lets just look at all this as a bad review or bad press I have had close to 5000 veiws. Bad press is good exposure too. I'm making you famous bad guys. But you already know that your bad. As a person I would certainly not respond either to a harasser who has a crazy hobby who was calling me names like thief, conspiritor, liar. Thats right we tried the letter thing when that was popular that didn't work. I even had some of your websites commercials taken down too. I'm soooo bad. What was I thinking man some of those commercials have a small bit my work in them too after all. Limiting my exposure too if I take em all down. But you still get paid by the click. Your rights end where someone elses rights begin stuff like that. Lets not forget freedom of speech too. It would even make you look bad to take me to court for harrassment with this crazy hobby OMG there are documents in this blog to prove all this. I just look at this as a crazy hobby to be a thorne in your side. As William Shatner Says "Weird or What?" Just what do we do. Its just one blogger

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